99 Cars

Initially when I started working on this game I wanted to make a top down endless type runner game with cute characters, I won’t lie here as it was somewhat inspired from zig zag by ketchapp games. 😀

But if you are game designer then you must be aware of the fact that when you start designing a game you have some thing in mind and when you are done you realize – THIS IS NOT WHAT I HAD THOUGHT INITIALLY

And you tell yourself this game must do good in market.

Same happened with this project. Me and my designer buddy-Karan had lots of discussions or rather say heated arguments 😛 about what should the end game look like and we came up with something.

First we had a theme that was not at all interesting – well at least according to me 😑




But then after lots of brain storming aka heated debate we came up with something. The end product 😂

And in that brain storming we also decided the ‘GAMIFICATION‘ strategies for this game.

I am not bragging but we did some awesome things to gamify this game.

  • Social Networking
  • Daily tasks
  • Weekly tasks
  • Badges
  • Keys
  • 99 Cars
  • Leaderboard
  • Share your game-play video.

It took us a month to develop and design this game which is pretty awesome and we also did tried doing new things with this game.

Overall I was satisfy with what we had created, infact we got a Chinese publisher to publish this game and this was a successful game for us with lots of learning.

All the animations were done in Unity3D Mecanim and iTween.



Get it on Google Play

If you are curious about the game-play of this game and want to know about the game logic then leave a comment or mail me at contact@nipundavid.com

If you are interested to know more about the work I have done than do the same as above 😀