Bottle Shoot 3D

Being a part time indie game developer is very hard, all indies out there feel my pain as this game took a bit longer than what I had initially estimated.

But anyways, lets discuss Bottle Shoot 3D. I started working on this game many moons ago and finally finished it with lots of motivation, embarrassment, and intervention 😜 by a fellow indie @pkMinhas.


The idea was to create a casual game while targeting the audience who likes to breaking stuff to deal with stress. It came out pretty nice; no hold on more than nice I would say. Most of the 3D art is done by Deepak Pathak before he ditched this game in middle and left all the heavy lifting for me 😒. 2D art is created by my best friend Archana Singh.

I am also planning to port this game on Android Daydream and Oculus Rift, but honestly I don’t know how many more moons it will take.

Right now this game is available on android playstore, and soon it will be live on Apple appstore and Tizen store. So download and send feedback positive or negative does’t matter if they help in making this game awesome.

What!! Are you in stressed…?
Throw stuff and break some bottles. Use a remote, soda can, baseball, dart and many more to shoot and break bottles in a fixed time

Break as many bottles as you can within fixed time, create a high-score and unlock new items.

– Cool sounds effects and engaging game-play
– 1 second extra for each perfect strike
– 6 different items to choose.






Get it on Google Play

If you are curious about the game-play of this game and want to know about the game logic then leave a comment or mail me at

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