Bottle Shoot AR

Augmented reality is not a word of almost every household at least after the launch of pokemon go. And there is a race between the IT giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Google who have the best SDK?, Well we are not going to get an answer anytime soon but meanwhile we as a developer can deliver best what we can by using the APIs that are provided by these market leaders.

So I while ago I decided to make a game on ARCore whose gentle introduction page on my blog is still on his way 🤣

Anyways lets discuss this game, as the name suggests you have to shoot bottles to and make the high score – yep it is clone of my another game Bottle Shoot 3D (Please don’t judge – I hardly get time for the new ideas).


Throw stuff and break some bottles in augmented reality. Use a remote, soda can, baseball, dart and many more to shoot and break bottles in a fixed time.

Break as many bottles as you can within the fixed time, create a high-score and unlock new items.Fire up the app and detect a plane surface with ARCore, tap and start shooting bottles.

– Powered by ARCore
– One touch game-play
– Stress Buster
– 6 shooting modes

How to play –
1. Start the game in your ARCore enabled android phone.
2. Press play button.
3. Search for the plane surface.
4. Tap on the surface detected.
5. Start shooting bottles in augmented reality (AR)





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