Color Jump 3D

Whenever a indie game developer decides to make a game he starts searching for ideas from genre he likes most and what is currently hot in stores.

Color Jump 3D have similar story behind it. While scrolling through trending games on store I saw Color Switch and I was pretty impressed with mechanics. I didn’t had many hours to dedicate on a game, and it was weekend and I wanted to complete it by Sunday (I know, who works in weekends 😬) .

So after lots of thinking and scrolling through many other games of similar game-play I came up with something.


Now lets talk about the game-play and design. With one touch game-pay this game have very simple game mechanic, I tried focusing on the overall look and feel like adding bloom effects and background music. I was so impressed with the development of this game as it literally took me two day (35 hours, Damn! Right?) to complete this entire game that I decided to sell this game on various game asset stores.

  1. Assetstore
  2. SellMyApp

Here is the game-video for the game. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the motivation behind this game 😇






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If you are interested to know more about the work I have done than do the same as above 😀