Gentle Introduction to Daydream

Daydream a VR platform by Google is one of the hot and major player in VR, along with Oculus, Vive and Gear VR. So what makes Daydream different from others; I won’t say better as I also have Oculus Rift and have played few awesome games on it and my personal favorite is Robo Recall. The hand controllers and motion sensors helps in full immersion as you can move around, move your hands and fingers.

But this page is about Daydream though, so lets begin; Daydream comes with a VR headset with a wireless hand-controller which with the help of sensors, track the orientation and approximate the position of the user’s hand and helps user in interacting with the items in virtual world and giving player more control. Controller is rechargeable and charges via USB-C. On its support pages.



In this post I will share some tricks and a unity3D game template with all initial settings and scripts so that you won’t have to create a project from scratch. Just download the template and start creating your game.



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