Shadow Jump

So many 2D shadow games on play-store were the main motivation for the development of this game.

And this game was clone of one of my another game Shadow Run. I was going through a transition when I was developing these two games. Game-play was simple but the code that I wrote was highly optimized, I did uses many scripting tips by Unity3D and I was able to complete the whole game with very few C# classes.

If someone asks me that which game of mine gave me the scripting specialization then this is one of those games.

Plugin for shadow –  Unity2D Sprite cast and receive shadows

Now about the game-play, as I am fan of casual gaming and this game belong to that genre. One touch control as most of my other games so that user can play with single hand. Initially, I wanted to sell this game on asset-store but my few friends enjoyed this game so what the heck! I published this on play-store.






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If you are curious about the game-play of this game and want to know about the game logic then leave a comment or mail me at

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