Gentle Introduction to Tango

Tango has created quite buzz since its initial release. And I must say it is a powerful augmented reality platform and first of its kind for a mobile phone. What exactly is Tango – Tango is a platform that uses

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Gentle Introduction to Daydream

Daydream a VR platform by Google is one of the hot and major player in VR, along with Oculus, Vive and Gear VR. So what makes Daydream different from others; I won’t say better as I also have Oculus Rift and

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Gentle Introduction to Hololens

Hololens is now available for quite some time in market and developer across the globe are trying to make best apps on it. After all, it is the most publicized mixed reality device. When I first saw the promotional video

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Gentle Introduction to ARKit

  Apple launched ARKit at WWDC 2017, since then it has created quite a buzz in the developer’s community as most of the mobile app developers have at least tried making augmented reality app and also let’s not leave the

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